How to Determine a Good Pet Hair Vacuum

Here we are deep into 2014. Times have changed, and that includes pet vacuum technology. We have been diligently seeking the best vacuum for pet hair. Although there are some new contenders in 2014 the best pet vacuums have been out for a few years.

We are going to go through the various steps we used to determine which pet vac. was ultimately The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair.

  1. Suction – A good pet hair vacuum needs to have extreme suction in order to pull pet hair and dander from deep pile carpets. Suction is our number one criteria for determining the best vacuum for pet hair. Although, without some other important features (mentioned later) suction won’t do you very much good.
  2. Versatility – Not all pet vacuum are created equal. Some excel at cleaning deep pile carpet, while others do well on hardwood floors. We want a vacuum that can go from a deep carpet to a hardwood floor and clean both well. On top of this we want a vacuum that can be used for cleaning furniture and drapes.
  3. Maneuverability – This is a crucial factor when evaluating a pet hair vacuum. You can have a vacuum with all the suction in the world, but if you can’t maneuver it through your home it doesn’t do you much good. We are looking for vacuums that can easily navigate around and under furniture. It is also a huge plus if the vacuum is easy to carry up stairs.
  4. Reach – A good pet vacuum needs to have a good reach to suck pet hair out from nooks and crannies. We are looking for vacuums with long hoses and extender wands.
  5. Filtration – This is very important when dealing with pet hair and dander, especially if you have allergies. Our goal is to find vacuums with HEPA grade filtration. They need to be able to capture the smallest particles of dust and pollen. It is also a huge plus if they through clean the air of odors.
  6. Features – We looked at what accessories and features come with the various pet vacuums. We looked at which features come with the vacuum and which accessories are sold separately.
  7. Ability to Remove Pet Hair – Ultimately, this is what is all comes down to, the ability to remove pet hair. As mentioned earlier it doesn’t mean squat if you have extreme suction if the vacuum won’t remove pet hair. We discovered that there are numerous factors involved when it comes to removing pet hair.

Within the next week we will reveal the top 3 best vacuums for pet hair. They will be broken down by price range, quality and features. So make sure you check back soon!

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