Best Vacuum for Pet Hair Revealed

SEBO Automatic X4 Review

SEBO Automatic X4

Vacuum Details


  • German Built 1300 Watt Motor
  • Fully Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Supply of Belts
  • HEPA Quality 0.3 Micron Filtration
  • Extendable Wand and Flexible Hose
  • Turbo Brush and Extended Hose
  • Replaceable Odor Filtration
  • German Designed and Built for Top Quality and Longevity

List Price: $799.00
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Vacuum Review

Note: We evaluated the Sebo X4 Automatic EXTRA. The EXTRA package is essential for pet owners. It comes with the Turbo Brush attachment and other accessories that are essential in the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair.

We have evaluated dozens of vacuums in our quest for the best pet vacuum. It had to be powerful and versatile. We wanted a vacuum that could handle shag carpet then go straight to hardwood floors. There are MANY vacuums on the market, but the Sebo X4 Automatic beets all other pet hair vacuums hands down. This vacuum was designed and built in Germany. You can see and feel the quality in every aspect of this vacuum. You may see the suggested retail price and be shocked, but we have located the best price for you on this vacuum, Click Here for the Best Price!. We would expect the Sebo X4 Automatic to last at least 15 years if used for an hour daily, so consider how much money you will save in the long run!

Powerful – The 1300 watt motor on this Sebo is nothing short of amazing. It is relatively quiet and yet super powerful. This vacuum is able suck pet hair out of any length of carpet. The motor coupled with the removeable double row beater bar is a winning combination for a pet hair vacuum.

Ultra Filtration – The X4 Automatic filters air in a 3 step process. This vacuum does use bags, but these bags are SUPER filter bags. The bags aren’t too expensive and they keep your vacuum clean. Some people like bagless vacuums, but we don’t. Many of our family members suffer from allergies and bagless vacuums are a mess to clean out. This Sebo comes with S-Class filtration, which is a European version of HEPA that can filter 99.97% off all particulates. The final filtration step is an odor cleansing exhaust filter. This pet vacuum makes your house smell clean and fresh.

Smart Sensors – The Sebo X4 Automatic is an extremely sophisticated and techonologically advanced pet vacuum. The vacuum height is automatically adjusted electronically. It even adjusts the suction to adjust to various floor types and dirtiness. It can sense how much dirt is in your carpet and adjust suction accordingly. If the vacuum detecs a blockage it will automatically stop the motor to prevent damage. We were very impressed with the active electronic controls of the Sebo, which were much more effective than the passive controls used by the Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum.

Dual Row Brush – Regardless of how much suction a vacuum has you won’t thoroughly clean carpet of pet hair without a good beater bar (roller brush). The Sebo comes with an extremely effective dual row beater bar that was gentle on carpet, but extremely effective at loosening pet hair. One really nice feature is you can flip open a side compartment to pop out the beater bar for easy cleaning.

Lifetime Belts – Nearly all vacuums use belts to power the beater bar. If you have ever owned a cheap vacuum you probably noticed how quickly the vacuum looses it’s ability to clean carpet. This is usually due to the cheap belts stretching and not turning the beater bar properly. Sebo utilizes high quality materials to make belts. They are guaranteed for the life of the vacuum. If you ever did need to replace one they will replace it for free.

Maneuverability – The Sebo is relatively light and very easy to maneuver. It has a “Lay Flat” feature that allows the vacuum to go under low furniture. With the use of the included accessories there is virtually no where you can’t reach with this vacuum.

EXTRA Model Accessories – The EXTRA model comes with a very long extendable hose and Turbo brush attachement. This is ideal for removing pet hair from stairs and furniture. The vacuum also comes with crevice tools that fit nicely into the body of the vacuum.

High Quality – This is by far the most impressive “feature” of this vacuum – the sheer quality and worksmanship. We all know that Germany makes some of the finest automobiles, but they also make the finest vacuums. As we said in the beginning, do not be scared off by the sticker price. This vacuum will last for decades and will actually WORK for that long.

Warranty – 5 years.


The search is over, and the Sebo X4 Automatic EXTRA earns the honor of Best Vacuum for Pet Hair. It is the full package with powerful suction, automatic sensors and sheer quality. It can go from shag carpet to hardwood floors without missing a beat. You don’t even have to turn off the beater bar. It is all done automatically. Don’t be scared off by the suggested retail price, because we have found a great deal for you. Click Here for the Best Price!